axis it & t

short term trade axis it & t
this stock is currently trading at 74 looks very strong today in the weak market,should cross 80 very easily also 70 can be taken as stop loss



spic is all set to run from 24 to 35 very fast

prithvi info

prithvi info is trading at 64 should cross 70 in coming days just wait and watch just dont sell these if it goes below 60 this is a dark horse.all the best


manakasia is trading around 125  should cross 135  140 very fast stop loss should be aroun 117

short term pick lokesh machines

lokesh machines looks good for a target of 65 plus in a few days from now with 47 as stop loss

short term pick ALLSEC tech

allsec tech looks a good buy around 56 57 target should be around 72  75 with 51 as stop loss


short term pick gokaldas exports

gokaldas exports looks a good bet to buy around 159 -160 for a target of 170 plus in 3 to 5 trading sessions.stoploss should be around 151