yesterday i had given a call to buy one lot nifty dec 2900 ce at 90 and one lot dec 2400 pe at 90 total cost was 180 and the target given was 240 till friday max .
the market is closed today due to the terror attacks on our city so one day time decay will reduce our premium by atleast 5% ,this will also affect our targets.tommorrow also there is a possibility of our markets being closed[not yet confirmed]
lets study the call now yesterday when the nifty was at 2670 i had given this call of buying one ce and one pe total cost was 180

now to make profit nifty should go in one direction for 2/3 sessions continuously

yesterday dec 2900 ce closed at 115 and dec pe closed at 64
now if nifty goes up and crosses 2900 tomorow then the 2900 dec ce will cross 200 and 2400 dec pe will come down to 20/25 so the total value of our call will be 220/225.

suppose nifty goes down and closes below 2500 tommorrow then the dec2400 pe will go upto 180/200 and dec 2900 ce will come down to 25/30 now the total value of our call will be 205/230 .

if nifty just moves here and there and does not go in one direction we may not earn but our loss will be limited [ that is time decay of 2 days ]
we should always consider time decay will trading in options the premium decays very fast . if anybody has taken my call pls exit your call tommorow itself because after that 2 days tie decay will eat your premium


buy one dec 2400 pe at 90 and dec 2900 ce at 90
total cost 180
target 240 till friday max

nifty may open flat to green

yesterday the us markets have closed flat ,even the europe market closed in a little green ,now today asia is mix and nifty singapore is in little green.so i see a little green opening today in our market which should be used to get out of longs and you can also buy some puts today as the markets are very weak.