nifty and sensex both were flat today there was not much volatility in the market as the deravatives settlement ends tommorrow.also ttml has moved more further upto 37.70


i had sold powergrid in the morning for 105.10 and again i tried to average it selling more for 106.35 but by noon there was no scope for the scrip coming down finally i bought the whole lot for rs 105.95 making a loss of .20 paisa .
nifty is moved very quickly into blue zone and back in the red zone .i love nifty options very much due to its volume .i think nifty options are of least risk if followed carefully .i traded thrice in the put option of 5000 and made a little money ,now so this put option is at 23 rs a very good rate to take on but i have changed my focus on the other put option that is of 5050 as there are only two days left for the settlement.
i again bought nifty put option of 5000 at 35.50 now i sold it at 40rs
just sold of my nifty lot which i had purchased for a profit of 5rs ,i also sold powergrid at 105.10
today the market seems flat i have purchased nifty put options @5000 strike price at rs 31.20 .hoping to make a small profit .i am closely watching ttml from many days it has moved from 28 to 34 very fast.


hello ,stock market is a very good place to earn money .anybody can earn a lot of money here with proper knowledge and indepth analysis of the stocks .
futures and options are also very attractive to make huge money in short period.