Stock Markets = Safe Money

The StockMarket is unpredictable ,it just dances from one point to another making investors or traders uncomfortable  . YES the market was like this and will remain like this only .actually all the nature`s law are perfectly applicable to the movements of stock market .

To create wealth in the stock trading one has to follow some rules and strategies..

simple rules and strategies which followed strictly with discipline will always create   wealth in abundance over a period of time. PERIOD


just square all your trades

just square off your trades with a simple profit.


sell 5400 nifty put option and buy 5300 nifty put option

sell 5400 nifty put option at 95 -97 and buy 5300 nifty put option at around 60 -62 .also you can buy 5600 nifty call option from the premium earned from the other transaction .now here we r having a straight maximum 100 point risk if nifty goes below 5400 and we gain once nifty crosses 5600 otherwise no profit no loss

hold on the option positions

one can hold the options taken a few days back.short 5600 pe and long 5500 pe along with short 5700 ce and long 5800 ce.these spreads are the safest way to make money with minimum risk.our trade can give you maximum 20 points loss and also maximum 80 points profit.


also sell nifty call option of 5700 and buy nifty call option of 5800 of feb series

also sell nifty call option of 5700 strike price at around 75  and buy nifty call option of 5800 strike price of feb series at around 42  .one can easily pocket 30/35 points

sell 5600 nifty put and buy 5500 nifty put of feb series

sell nifty put option of 5600 strike price at around 140  and buy nifty put option of 5500 strike price at around  100 .one can get a premium of 40 easily


be alert

the markets are in the high risk zone be cautious nifty 5172 is the last hope after that steep fall


axis it & t

short term trade axis it & t
this stock is currently trading at 74 looks very strong today in the weak market,should cross 80 very easily also 70 can be taken as stop loss



spic is all set to run from 24 to 35 very fast

prithvi info

prithvi info is trading at 64 should cross 70 in coming days just wait and watch just dont sell these if it goes below 60 this is a dark horse.all the best


manakasia is trading around 125  should cross 135  140 very fast stop loss should be aroun 117

short term pick lokesh machines

lokesh machines looks good for a target of 65 plus in a few days from now with 47 as stop loss