nifty looks weak now

nifty fell heavily on the dubai news in the last trading session and recovered almost half of what it had lost but i see a bigger gaps this coming week .right now our trades r giving good returns and also we have made good money on nifty 5100 december option put .lets hope for the best and i will try to add one more trade in our safe and covered nifty option strategy,like we did in 5100 put of december series


book profit in nifty5000 put of december series

book profit in nifty5000 put of december series around 150 160 .
carry the other trades we have, longs in nifty 4900 put and 5300 call and shorts in 4800 put and 5100 call .we have made a clear and neat profit of 75 points from nifty put of 5000 .

nifty 5000 put of december series hits target

nifty 5000 put of december series hits target ..change your stop loss to 110 and hold for target 160 .once it touches 160 change your stop loss to 150 and book profit by 3.25 today itself


carry on your trades of nifty options of december series

now we have five open position in nifty december options.
long positoins in 4900 put ,5000 put and 5300 call .
also short positions in 4800 put and 5100 call total premium we have paid is 30 .
total margin blocked is approx 40000 .
as per todays rates we r in no loss no profit position and we will make profit in two days time.just hold on due to expiry of fno the market is holding very strongly.

add nifty 5000 put option in our trade

just buy nifty 5000 in our trades we are holding ,the current price is around 85 keep a stop of 52 target is 140 160 in 3 days


just carry on the trades

currently we are carrying some index options of nifty for december series,nifty 4900 put and 5300 call and we have sold 4800 put and 5100 call.we have receieved total premium of 55 on these trades .if you have a good portfolio you can earn handsomely by using the trades where for selling calls and puts only margin is required ,once u sell these calls u receieve premium from which u can buy the other calls and puts.


just follow the trades closely

we had taken one trade on 20 nov and one trade on 23 nov and we will do one more trade on 24 nov.on 20 nov we had bought 4900 nifty put option at 125 and sold 4800 nifty put option at 95.the total premium we paid was 30 .and today we sold 5100 december nifty call at 150 and bought 5300 december nifty call at 65 total premium we recieved 85..in short we have recieved 55 total for the above trades,we will make profit if nifty stays in the range of 4800 to 5100.more on the down side the more we can profit .our loss is in the range of nifty above 5150 and 5300.as we have bought and sold call and put time decay factor will not affect us heavily.

nifty option trade

just sell the december options of nifty 5100 strike price around 150 and alternately buy december options of nifty 5300 around 65 .add this trade to the trade done on other day .u will recieve a premium of 85 rs for the above trade


it's the expiry effect

only five trading sessions are left for november expiry .the markets will not give up the buyers of call and put will not benefit much all the big traders are very very smart ,the market is not giving up at all every time it comes down there is a sharp pull back. from last four days this same drama is taking place everyday.market is going nowhere just jumping a little up and down and coming back to same position eating away the premium of call and put of nifty options .the best strategy i feel is to buy one lot of call or put according to the market direction and alternately sel one lot of the next strike price .today i had one trade i bought 4900 put nifty option and sold 4800 put nifty option alternately .i think this makes the trade little safe , as we are protected against time decay

buy nifty option 4900put of december series

buy nifty option 4900 put of december series around 125 130 alternately sell 4800 put at around 95 98 rs .


book profit in the nifty 5100 put and buy back 4900 put we sold

you can close the trades we had taken on 16 nov we had bought nifty option 5100 put at around 110 and alternately we had sold 4900 put at 38 rs .one can close the trades executed now 5100 put is above 140 and sold put of 4900 is at 40 we are in 30 points profit .


still there is a good chance to make decent profit

nifty is just not giving up still there is a chance to make profit from our put we had bought two days back ,we also have sold one put so our net loss is restricted.we can carry for tommorrow and revise our trade


just hold your puts

yesterday a trade was shared of buying 5100 nifty put and alternately selling 4900 nifty put in options.we paid 110 -38 total 72rs.now today 5100 is at some 87 rs and 4900 is at 21 rs total 66rs we are in loss of 6 rs right now .just hold your puts tightly and u can square it off tommorow before market closes .markets are testing patience of all the shorters and as expiry is very near the markets are holding up so that all the premium can be eaten up of calls and puts.that is the main reason why i had asked to sell put also so that the premium decay of the sold put will reduce our loss


buy nifty options put of 5100 strike price now

buy nifty options put of strike price 5100 of 26 nov arond 110 now stop loss 65 target 210 by wednesday maximum.close your trade by 18 nov 15.00 hrs

one can also sell 4900 nifty put alternately to reduce your risk and close both the trades on wednesday


nifty, the bulls are in full control

from last three days every attempt to bring down the market by bears was foiled down .the bulls are in full control now , but still a sharp sudden fall is expected any time next week lets see . today also our trade got stop loss hit .its a hat trick of loss we are now having a total loss of 16 points from last 4 trades we will make that fast .every time we execute the trade the market starts running in opposite direction.we will have to rethink our entry point level and stop loss level also.

buy nifty option 5000 put for intra day

buy nifty option put for intra day around 110 stop loss strict 99 and target 135.


what should we call this bad luck or wrong timing

i don't get nervous if any of my trades hit stop loss i just get out of the trade and wait for the day to get over .i note all the trades in my diary and review the trades weekly or fortnightly.today also our trade of nifty 5000 put got stop loss hit but by the end of the day it made high of 148 all our targets got hit but we lost money as our stop loss was hit earlier . i am never afraid to book loss

again stoploss hit

again stop loss hit today what a market in a few minutes nifty jumped too high sucking all the stops

buy nifty option put of 5000 strike price for intraday

buy nifty option put of 5000 strike price for intraday aroun 110 112 rs with target of 132 and 148 plus stoploss stict 98


oops stop loss hit

nifty put 4800 stoploss hit pls exit .

buy nifty put of 4800 strike price

buy nifty put option for intra day trade around 70 72 rs target 81 , 92 plus stop loss strict at 68 rs.


nifty option trade review

in the morning one trade was given to buy nifty option 4800 pe at aroun 65 68 rs with target of 82 and 90 plus also with the stoploss of 58 strict..the nifty put went upto to 82 very fast and came down again later it shot back once again and reached 97 .i always use stop loss method to trade nifty options..even if we consider 70 as our nifty option cost price we easily made a profit of 18% in a few hours ..i would prefer to take at least 2 lots of nifty option whenever a trade is executed .one lot should be booked at target 1 and once target 1 is achieved change the stop loss to cost price plus 2 rs

buy nifty 4800 put of nov series

intraday call buy nifty put of 4800 strike price around 65 68 target is 82, and 90 plus for intra day strict stoploss 58.