nifty target 4890 today

nifty should touch 4890 today ,yesterday in the last hour suddenly the market turned green just for fno expiry but today it should contiue its down ward trend.also the global clues are negative

trade nifty options

nifty options are the best and highest return giver if traded properly with proper management and discipline.just set a few rules for the trading and follow the trades accordingly .i will share what i do
first rule .keep your lot equal for every trade in nifty the lot size is 50 so whatever number you decide keep it same .pls don't change
second rule do only one trade in a day keep one stop loss and for target follow trailing stop loss once your target is crossed and also close the trade maximum by 3:25 if target is met or not .i do not carry overnight positions also anytime during the trade if i feel uncomfortable with the trade i close the trade immediately.
profit and loss is part of the trade.

i follow the above rules set by me very religiously .i also don't carry overnight positions as naked options are very risky also time decay eats your premium. one more thing you can set your own rules for your trades but you should follow them strictly and you should write down all your trades daily along with nifty levels and review your trades every fortnight to check whether you have to modify your rules for better results..

i will also share my experience that everytime i break my rule i have lost more

nifty 24/09/2009

nifty 24/09/2009
Open 4977.15
High 5016.70
Low 4904.05
Last 4986.55
Prev. Close 4969.95

oct nifty 5000pe
Open Price 197.00
High Price 210.00
Low Price 139.85
Last Price 144.00
Prev Close 172.35

oct nifty 4900pe
Open Price 139.90
High Price 153.85
Low Price 100.20
Last Price 104.00
Prev Close 129.45

oct nifty 4800pe
Open Price 105.00
High Price 113.00
Low Price 70.20
Last Price 73.20
Prev Close 94.90

oct nifty 4700pe
Open Price 76.00
High Price 81.35
Low Price 50.05
Last Price 50.50
Prev Close 67.45


just track your nifty option here

nifty 23/09/2009
Open 5019.95
High 5030.75
Low 4957.05
Last 4969.95

oct09 nifty5000pe 23/09/09
Open Price 150.00
High Price 178.00
Low Price 144.95
Last Price 169.85
Prev Close 146.00

oct09 nifty4900pe 23/9/09
Open Price 115.90
High Price 134.80
Low Price 108.30
Last Price 125.50
Prev Close 110.85

oct09 nifty4800pe 23/9/09
Open Price 80.00
High Price 99.15
Low Price 78.15
Last Price 92.00
Prev Close 82.70

oct09 nifty4700pe 23/09/09
Open Price 65.00
High Price 70.95
Low Price 54.15
Last Price 65.70
Prev Close 58.70

nifty should end flat tommorow

expiry day tommorrow markets will be highly volatile but it looks market will close flat to eat all the premium of calls and puts of option players

this fii's are holding up the market

sometimes i feel that money is a very big trend decider ,technically the markets should have corrected a lot till now but this fii's are holding the markets very strongly. they turn the markets as they wish .


nifty should correct now to bonunce back

sep fno contracts will expire in three trading sessions .following the world markets it looks like nifty will correct a little bit even a healthy correction can't be ruled out .this correction can be seen as a buying opportunity.long term and midterm bullishness looks intact unless something crops up to give a break to all these up moves.


what if nifty opens gap down today

all the world stock markets are in green and even nifty singapore is up and 5 trading sessions are left in this settlement.what if nifty opens flat to negative.the longs can be trapped easily .this market does not give chance to the buyers or sellers it just eats up everything. lets see what happens


varun shipping ltd ,short term

varun shipping ltd is ready to explode any time between 2 to 5 weeks one can enter with the target of 70 plus and stoploss of 54.50.one should always keep investing in different counters and sectors and never keep more than 5% of ur money in one stock.

nifty ,what next

today nifty gave good gap up opening as global markets were positive ,the fight is intensifying now ,everybody is playing a wait and watch game.everybody is watching each others move and waiting to play their turn ,as i earlier said it looks like the rosy picture will be created and then they will smash it very hardly. techinically there are resistances and supports but these all are made to be broken .what i look for is mentality of traders.if the market wants to go up it will go down first and viceversa .the market always checks patience and moves in the opposite direction.i feel nifty should go up before a big fall

nifty ,watch the next move

i always try to study nifty and the markets in a different way ,for me this is a bull and bear fight,it also is a big game played by those who have loads and loads of money and are very very smart people rather a group.what i strongly feel is now everybody will start buying mainly retail traders as everything is looking bright.and then suddenly the market will take a u turn without giving a proper chance to exit.be careful around 4900,4935 in nifty and start selling your stocks which are bought recently.yesterday i had shared a nifty option strategy can be considered only if the market opens flat to gain maximum.


nifty is looking strong

from last two days nifty has crossed a major psychological level of 4775 and looks like heading for 4900 /4950 very soon.bears are just watching the moves very carefully to attack but are very cautious as they have been smashed a couple of times recently.bulls are having a upper hand right now.i feel one can take nifty option positions by buying 4900 ce sep and selling 5100 ce oct and buy 4700 pe sep and selling 4400pe[ratio should be 1:2 double of 4700 pe ] todays close of 4900 ce is 75 and 5100ce oct is 110 and 4700 pe 65 and 4400 pe is 14. if we execute the trade total cost would be 2 .[75 -110+65-28=2]. one has to be very alert while taking this positions once nifty crosses 4900 you have to square off 4900ce sep and create new fresh trades which will be updated later .


short term pick arrow textiles ltd

Arrow Textiles a small cap looks very attractive for a short period of 5 -7 days it is available around 12.40