the market is moving upwards from last 4 sessions and today also the market should go up as there are full chances of the gov't will survive its confidence motion, still we have to be very careful there are a lot of chances for huge profit booking . i am having a 3700 put and 3600 put of nifty options let us seen what happens today


from last two days the market is going up and up only after continuous falls the market has shifted gears and is going upwards only and if the govt wins the confidence vote on tuesday the uptrend will continue and the market seems unstoppable , also the crude oil is come down sharply which indicates a good sign for our economy which has slowed down .nifty today crossed 4100 mark which means the market will be good ahead


nifty is just dragging down every day making new lows the market is totally under the control of bears .the market is just showing negative trends and recovery seems a distant dream i have made a huge loss in recent days but since i follow strict stop loss the loss is restricted yesterday i had bought a nifty call of 4200 strike price at 38rs today it is 23rs .i booked my loss at 34rs today and bought today again at 21rs hoping for a better tommorow