buy nifty 5100 put of january series

buy nifty put of 5100 strike price of january series and alternately sell nifty put of 5000 series total difference is 25 points .
the total cost will be 25 points ,
as the nifty will move towards 5000 5050 the difference will become bigger that will be the profit
and if the nifty moves higher towards 5300 the difference will become less .and that will be our loss .
in this type of trade profit and loss are limited .maximum loss will be the total premium paid that is 25 points.and the maximum profit will be 100 points which is the difference of strike prices in which we trade.this trades are not much affected by time decay because we have bought and alternately sold options .one thing is sure shot chances of making profit in these types of trades are nearly 85/90 %


happy chrismas

wish you all a very very happy and merry chrismas


close all your trade now

pls close all your trades now .we will start fresh trades next week and sorry for the loss

be alert

be ready and alert to square off your positions today we will close our trades today itself .when nifty reaches 5045 5050 just be ready to close all the trades


we r in loss

we r in loss right now that too almost a whopping 100 points loss .still the trades are open , except 5100 call which triggered stop loss .we will fight back


just hold on tightly your trades and don't panic

it happens every time the market checks the patience of the traders .we should be confident of our trades then only we can make profit. i am confident that we will make good profit soon


buy nifty 5100 call of december series now

buy nifty 5100 call of december series now at around 105 110 target is 160 190 in next three trading sessions stop loss is strict 72 .add these trade to our trades we r holding .


sell nifty 5300 call of december series

sell nifty 5300 call of december series at 48 50 now and alternately buy 5200 call at 86 88 now total premium paid will be 40 points..add these to ur trades done yesterday now we have total input of 25 points. we will make profit if the market goes up .


sell nifty 5100 put

we r starting fresh trades today sel nifty 5100 put december series and alternately buy nifty 4900 put december series keep the lots same ,by doing this trade we wi recieve a premium of around 65 points.we will make profit if the difference between the two puts reduces and stays below 65 ,this will happen if the market moves up further.


yes now you can take the profits

just close all your trades and take the profits we will stary our new trades afterwards maybe today or tommorrow

you can close your trades in profit today

we will square off the positions we r holding today by 2 pm in profit right now we r in no loss no profit position from the trades we have.nifty is weak today .after squaring the positions we will start fresh trades


carry on your trades of nifty options of december series

pls carry on the trades we will review on 7 th

watch out carefully

just watch nifty cosely if nifty closes below 5050 today carry your trades otherwise just square off the trades we r carrying


it happens many times

yaa it happens many times whenever we take a position nifty just does the opposite . we are in a loss of some 50 points total with our trades .i am confident of my trade and i can tell you we will make profit just square of your nifty put 5000 if the price touches our stoploss of 52 and carry rest positions .


buy nifty option put of 5000 strike price now of december series

buy nifty put of 5000 strike price around 85 with strict stop of 52 and target of 120 ,145 in 3 trading sessions maximum. add these to our trades we are holding .